Rabbi Asher Freund would take people to do hisbodidus - personal prayer in Hashem's presence - in the forests. By speaking out loud to Hashem about our personal subjective experiences, we come to be able to understand the messages that are concealing Infinite light and are then able to ask Hashem for the use of that light for Torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs. This is the process of run and return. It is the gezeira of galus that Infinite light has fallen into the subjectivity of our imagination, in need of being recognized as Hashem in concealment. In so doing, that Infinite light is able to be absorbed through the nefesh elokis, the divine soul, that Hashem has constructed with the capacity to do so. Arizal on Parshas Ekev: From Apples in the Orchard: "The ideal state is for nukva to be fully matured, postured as the crown of Zeir Anpin giving insight and inspiration on par with Zeir Anpin. This state will be fully realized only in the messianic future, when the task of elevating and refining the world into a home for G-d will have been accomplished and it will no longer be necessary for Nukva to descend into contracted states of consciousness in order to elevate the lower realms of reality on/from their level." When we are mesiras nefesh, self-sacrificing of our interpretations because we recognize the opportunity to serve Hashem by being a channel for repair, we elevate our subjective existence. Our mesiras nefesh is easier when we see its purpose…to elevate our subjectivity by becoming a channel for new light to flow from the very place it had been concealed in our subconscious as pain

Rabbi Asher Freund encouraged everyone to have a vulnerable sharing chaverusa in order to give credence and support to the work.

Here are some vulnerable shares from the whatsapp group formed for this purpose.

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